Lagunita is retiring and will shut down at 12 noon Pacific Time on March 31, 2020. We will continue to offer courses on other online learning platforms; visit

Bulk download course files

Learners enrolled in courses on Lagunita who wish to retrieve materials in their courses are welcome to use browser print functions to do so. Other guidance on how to prepare for the closure of the Lagunita platformis available at

Course team members have the ability to bulk download files by exporting the course. To download all the files in your course, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Lagunita ( or SUclass ( 
  2. Navigation to the course in Studio.
  3. Click on Tools > Export

  4. Click Export Course Content. Once your course export has finished generating, you will receive an email notification. 

  5. At the bottom of the page in Studio, click on Download Exported Content.
  6. Go to your computer files and find the downloaded tar.gz file. 
  7. Unzip the file (On a Mac, double click on the file. On a PC, right click and select decompress/unzip). A new folder (typically titled "course") will appear. 

  8. Click in to the course folder.
  9. Find the folder called static. From here, you can click into the folder and move all the files out or you can drag the static folder to your desktop or another location. 


You should be good to go! 

If you would like more information regarding the other folders, feel free to take a look at our Cheat Sheet Guide with more information. For more information on exporting courses, please see edX's guide on exporting course content

Please note that the exported content does not include files you link to outside of the platform. The download only includes files uploaded to the Files & Uploads page in your course shell. If you want to save files you linked out to, you will need to go through and manually download each file. 

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