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Course completed but no Statement of Accomplishment

There are a few reasons as to why you may not see the Statement of Accomplishment after the course has ended. 

  1. Statements of Accomplishment have not been generated yet.

    In instructor-paced, live courses, it is likely that you will complete the course prior to the official course end date. Statements of Accomplishment are typically generated a couple days after the course ends. If you are enrolled in the course and opted in to receiving email communications, you should have received an email reminding you to update your account name. In that same email, it gives a date of when the Statement of Accomplishment will be available on your Dashboard, if you passed the course. 
  2. Did not meet the minimum requirements. 

    You will want to check the course Progress page to see if you've met the minimum requirements to earn the Statement of Accomplishment. If the passing score is 70% and you have a 69%, we will not be able to generate the SoA for you.

  3. Archived course. 

    If you enrolled in a course after the course end date, it is no longer possible to complete assignments or earn a Statement of Accomplishment. If you wish to earn a SoA for a course that has ended, keep an eye out on our Courses page ( to see if/when the course is offered again.  

  4. Statement of Accomplishment is not offered. 

    The Statement of Accomplishment is an option that course teams can choose to provide in their courses. It is not required. It is possible that a course does not offer the Statement of Accomplishment. This is commonly found on the About page of the course, where you first enrolled. 
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