How do I keep up to date in the discussions?

Discussion forums may get very active in your courses.  You can do a few things to keep an eye on threads you're interested in.  First, when you go to the landing page of your course's Discussion forum, check out the discussion guide on the right.

You'll notice a "Receive updates" section.  There is a green envelope with an empty checkbox beside it.  If you'd like to receive updates about any discussion posts you're following, be sure to check the box next to the envelope. 

To then follow discussions, you'll see an option to click on a star any time that you're inside of a post or thread.

Once you click on that star, you'll notice a couple of changes in display:

  • Your list of discussion post titles on the left side will now display a "Following" tag
  • The discussion post that you're following will have a blue and white star that displays the message "Unfollow" when you hover over it now

After doing these things, anytime someone comments on this discussion post, you'll receive an email once a day with any updates in the discussion posts you've chosen to follow.

By default, any discussion post that you create will automatically mark you as following your own discussion post.

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