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Add Piazza to Your Course

If you'd like to use a discussion feature other than the built-in Discussion page, one third-party tool that you can use is Piazza.

To set this up for your course, please do the following:

  1. Go to Studio and click to access your course from your Studio dashboard.
  2. Click the "Settings" link from the top menu and select "Advanced Settings".
  3. This will take you to the Advanced Settings page. From here, in the first policy, "Advanced Module List," enter "lti" for the value.
  4. Scroll down the page (note that policies are listed alphabetically) and find the "LTI Passports" policy and enter the following string:


    This string consists of the ID for the pair (piazza_id), the Consumer Key ( and the Consumer Secret (piazza_sf1-5jo6).
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Click on the course title (or "Content" in the menu at the top of the page and select "Outline").
  7. This will take you to the Course Outline which corresponds to Course tab in the live course. Create a new section called "Discussion" and a subsection and unit, accordingly.
  8. In the unit, you'll now see a green "Advanced" button in the "Add New Component" space. Click on this button and select "LTI".
  9. Click to edit the component.
  10. Edit the following fields (without the quotes):
    • Custom Parameters: Click "+ Add" and enter "context_id=your_custom_context_ID". Replace "your_custom_context_ID" with a made-up value of your choosing.
    • Display Name: Enter "Piazza".
    • LTI ID: Enter "piazza_id".
    • LTI URL: Enter "".
    • Open in New Page: Select "True".

      Feel free to disregard the other keys and values. Those are not necessary for this use of the advanced LTI component.
  11. Save your changes to the component and to the unit. Your finished component in Studio will look something like this:

Please do not click on the link from within Studio.

To view the unit and see what participants will see, click on the blue "View Live Version" button. 

You can click on that link to be directed to the external Piazza forum page. Note that this won't be working quite right just yet.

Now that you've configured everything in the Advanced Settings page and also in the component, your Piazza discussion space is almost ready to go.

The last step is to write the Piazza team at and give them:

  1. The display name of your Piazza class (this is what displays on the About page above the "Register for" button).
  2. The course number (this is what appears in the course URL after the organization, and may look something like "Stats101").
  3. The context_id you created in the LTI component.

This last part which is handled by the Piazza team finalizes the integration and sets you up as an instructor in the Piazza discussion forum. The team will write you back when this is all set.

Your finished product will look like this in the live course:

If you'd further like to create a static page that embeds this discussion space within your course site, please contact the Course Operations team at so that we can assist you with removing the built-in Discussion page and with setting up a static page that contains your Piazza forum. A Piazza forum embedded into a page in a course will look like this:

This will also make it easier for participants to access the appropriate discussion space for the course.

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