Understand Staff View in Your Live Course

When you access your course while signed in to your instructor account, you will by default view it in Staff Mode:

This mode has several key advantages over Student Mode, which displays what students currently see.

In Staff Mode:

  • All published course content is visible to you. This includes unreleased and staff-only content, as well as both sides of A/B Tests and cohorted content. This does not include unpublished drafts of Units.
  • You will have access to the Instructor tab, which makes a variety of tools available to you. These include analytics and data reports, bulk email, extensions and regrades, etc.
  • When you view problems in Course, you will have additional buttons available to you. These include:
    • Staff Analytics Info – see a breakdown of students' responses to an individual problem.
    • Staff Debug Info – see technical information about a problem, including the ID necessary for extensions and regrading.
    • Submission History – see an individual user's history for a single question.
    • View Unit in Studio – open the page in the Studio content editing site.
    • Show Answer – regardless of the problem's settings, the Show Answer button will be visible to you.

If you want to see what students can currently see, click on the "Staff view" drop-down menu and select "Student".  Additionally, if you have set up Cohorts and cohorted content in your course, you will also have the ability to select your cohorts from the drop-down menu.

(Note that if you are on a page that students cannot access, you will be redirected or presented with an error popup.)

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