What Reporting is Available Where

There are a number of ways to get data about what is going on in your course. This article describes the types of reports available and where you can find them.

Instructor -> Data Download 

This page in your live course provides a number of useful reports.

Grade Report: CSV of all scores on all graded assignments for all participants in your course, including their total score, their username, and email address.

Sample Data:


Student Responses Report: CSV of each participant's response to each question in the course.

 Sample Data:


Course Forum Usage Report: The Course Forum Report generates a CSV file of forum interactions over time during your course, but also offers an option to graph the data directly on the Data Download page:

Clicking the "Graph This" option displays this type of graph at the bottom of the Data Download page:


Student Forum Usage Report: CSV of each participant's forum usage including their public username, number of posts, and if their posts have received any up votes.

Sample Data:


Ora2 Responses: CSV of each participant's Peer assessment submissions and assessments and feedback received on their submission.

 Sample Data:


Student Profile Information: Registration demographic information, either as CSV or displayed on the page.


Answer Distribution Report: CSV of how many times each question option has been selected for every question in your course. This report is automatically generated every day.


Instructor -> Metrics

This page gives you a snapshot view of how participants are interacting with your course materials. You can see how many people have opened a given subsection and grade distributions for questions in your subsections.

You can click on the bars to get a list of participants who have opened a subsection or responded to a question (so, for example, you could get a list of all the users who got a question wrong and reach out to them). For courses with 100 or less participants, this data will be available in realtime. For larger courses, the data will represent the previous day. You can also download a CSV of all subsection and problem data.


Inline Analytics

Inline analytics are available below questions in your live course. When you are signed into your course as course staff you will see the Staff Analytics Info button below each Multiple Choice, Checkbox,Dropdown, Numeric, Text, and Formula response question:


For Multiple Choice and Checkbox questions you will see a graphical display of the frequency with which students choose a particular option for their last response.


For Dropdown, Numeric, Text, and Formula questions, you will see the number of students responding, with correct and incorrect counts, displayed textually in-line.


Instructor -> Insights

This is an external reporting tool showing student activity by week ("active students", "videos watched", "problems attempted" per week). You can also get registration information, number of new signups per week and geographic information. Clicking the Insights tab on the Instructor page will take you to your course Insights page.






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