Lagunita is retiring and will shut down at 12 noon Pacific Time on March 31, 2020. We will continue to offer courses on other online learning platforms; visit

Log in to SUclass

SUclass uses your SUNet ID to login. To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Sign in" button on the top right of the page. You will be directed to sign in with your SUNet ID.
  3. If this is your first time logging into SUClass, you will need to decide on your username.
    • Usernames will be seen by other users when you post in the forums.
    • Usernames must be unique - if someone has already claimed your preferred username, you will need to think of a different one.

After this initial login process, you will continue to use your SUNet ID to log in. Your account on SUclass is separate from any account you may have on Lagunita for free, public courses.

If you are a faculty or staff member at another institution who needs access to a Stanford-only course, please contact the instructor of that course and ask them to reach out to the Course Operations team.

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