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Link to a Page Within the Same Course

Linking within a course is a bit tricky in the Lagunita platform. It's not hard to do – it just requires a bit of background knowledge to get it right.

Method 1:

The URL you see when you are viewing a unit actually points to an entire subsection, not a single unit. This means that if you're trying to link to a specific page of content, you need to provide more information to the browser about which particular unit in a subsection you're looking to direct people to. You can do this by adding a number to the very end of the URL.

For example, this link will point to the first unit of the Demo course's "Course Intro/Intent" subsection:

Whereas this link will point to the second unit of that same subsection:

If you don't include this number at the end of your link, the system will point users toward whichever unit they most recently visited in that subsection (or, if it's their first time seeing it, the first unit).

Important: Remember to pull your URLs from the live course, not from Studio. Only you and your course team can access the Studio pages for your course. To get to the live course from Studio, go into the unit you want to link to and click the "View Live" button on the top right of the page.


Method 2:

In Studio, copy the Location ID of the Unit you are linking to (on the bottom right of the Unit page).

In the Unit you are linking from, create a link pointing to a URL with the following structure: /jump_to_id/LOCATON_ID_HERE

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