Email course participants

When a course starts or "launches," it's customary for the instructor to send a course welcome email to everyone who has enrolled in the course.  Any other messaging you would like to send to your course participants can also be sent from within your course.

To send an email to people enrolled in your course, click on the Instructor tab and then on the Email tab from that page.


This page has a form that will email everyone in the class for you. We recommend that instructors change the "Send to" drop-down menu to the "Myself" option, so that the first message you send goes to you alone.  This enables you to proofread, review formatting, and ensure you've said everything you want to tell your participants.  

When your email is as you'd like it to be, then - on the day that the course goes live - just need to return to this page and enter your message as before, and this time select "All" from the "Send to" drop-down menu.

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