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Student View

As a member of the course team, you can switch between staff and learner views of course content in the live and preview versions of your course. This will let you see what students see and test out content as they will experience it.

To switch views, select "Learner" from the drop-down menu that appears above the course navigation tabs at the top of the page:


The page will reload, with "Staff" replaced by "Learner". In the Learner view, you will only see what learners see. This means that the Instructor tab will disappear, the "View in Studio" buttons won't be available, and anything you haven't released to learners will be inaccessible to you. Note that if you toggle your view while on an unreleased page, you'll be redirected out to your course About page.

To return to Staff view, just select "Staff" from the drop-down menu. Remember that even in Staff view, you won't be able to see content from an unpublished draft in Studio. To see what unpublished content will look like in the live course, use the Preview Changes button in Studio:


If the course has not yet started, you will need to add yourself as a beta tester.

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