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How to submit answers

To submit your answers to an assignment, use the Submit button found either under each problem or at the end of the assignment. For almost all problem types, your answer will be instantly graded and you will receive a score for that problem immediately. Sometimes you may have a limited number of attempts for a problem, as in the example below, but other times you may be allowed to submit as many times as you like.


You can use the Save button if you want to preserve your progress but not submit your answer yet.


Just be sure to submit your answers before the deadline for the assignment, if there is one – the Submit button will no longer be available once the deadline passes, and it will not be possible to earn points for the assignment anymore.

Sometimes, an instructor will add an explanation or hint to their question. The explanation will show up if you click the Show Answer button, which may become available after you use up all of your attempts or after the due date passes. See below for an example of a question with hints.


If the Submit button does not seem to be working for you, make sure you are using a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox, not Internet Explorer).

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