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Adding beta testers to a course

Beta testers are users who are given special early access to course material. Beta testers can be very helpful in proofreading content and catching broken links or confusing instructions. There are two steps to adding beta testers to a course.

1. Setting up the number of days prior to the course launch.

  • Go to Settings –> Advanced Settings in Studio.
  • Add a value to the "Days Early for Beta Users" field. Depending on your needs, this value could be something like 365 (if you want beta testers to be able to see all of your unreleased content) or something like 7 (if you only want them to see next week's content).
  • Save your changes.

2. Add the users.

  • Go to the Instructor tab in the live course.
  • Click Membership.
  • Scroll down to Batch Beta Tester Addition. Enter email addresses and/or usernames separated by new lines or commas.
  • Click Add Beta Testers

Keep in mind that beta testers will only see content that has been published.

You can revoke beta testers' access by going back to the Batch Beta Tester Addition, entering the email address and click "Remove beta testers." 

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