Add Completion Checkboxes

Participants can track their progress in a course by viewing their Progress page, which is updated automatically as they complete graded assignments in the course.

If you want to additionally enable participants to manually track their progress throughout the course, you can add completion checkboxes to content in your course.

In Studio, go to Settings > Advanced Settings.  The first setting on this page is the Advanced Module List.  Add "done" to the Advanced Module List here and save your changes.  

After you've done that, head to a unit in your course and click on the "Advanced" component and select "Completion".

This will add a component with a "Mark as complete" button.  


Participants can click on this to check it off for themselves.

Pairing this component with a problem or HTML component can create a nice checklist page.


Please note that these components are solely for self-tracking and have no bearing on a participant's progress in the course, but can serve to help people better monitor their work throughout a course. These completion checkboxes cannot be graded.

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