Upload a Large File to a Course

If you need to upload a file that is over 10 MB or is a video or audio file, please follow these steps:

  1. First create a Box folder.
    • If you already have a Stanford Box account, go to http://box.stanford.edu and click on "Log in to Stanford University Box" or "Log in to Stanford Medicine Box" to access it. You'll land on a page like this one. 

    • If you don't have a Stanford Box account, you can create a regular Box account by going to http://box.com and clicking on "Create Account".

      You'll be sent a verification email shortly. If it doesn't appear in your inbox, check junk or spam folders, or click to resend the email to yourself.

  2. Upload your file / asset to Box.

  3. After selecting your file, you can place it in a particular folder or add more files.

  4. Set permissions to "Anyone with the link can download the asset".

    If you want to share an entire folder with us, you can do that from this same location. Just click on the "Share this Folder" button in the right-hand column.

  5. Send an email to courseops@stanfordonline.zendesk.com with the link to the file, as well as the name and URL of the course you need this file for.

We'll respond with the AWS URL that we create for you once that's done. 

 **Please note that anyone with the link can download the associated file from your account, but cannot upload it or any other file to your account. 

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