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Using the video player

The video player has many useful features that make watching lectures easy. Here is what the video player looks like, along with an explanation of its parts:


  1. The video!
  2. The transcript of the video. These captions scroll automatically as the video plays. You can click on a line to skip to that point in the video.
  3. The play / pause button.
  4. The time elapsed so far and the total time of the video. You can click on the gray "scrub bar" to skip to that point in the video.
  5. The speed options. You can choose to speed up or slow down the video here.
  6. The sound options.
  7. The High Definition button, for changing the video quality.
  8. The full-screen button, for expanding or shrinking the video size.
  9. The Closed Captioning button, for turning on or off captions which display on top of the video.
  10. The Download video button, for downloading an mp4 file of the video.
  11. The Download transcript button. Choose what file format you would like from the dropdown menu, then click the button to download the video's transcript.

If the video player seems not to be working, make sure you are using one of our supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and not Internet Explorer.

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