Bulk updating captions

The Bulk Caption utility gives you the status of captions for all of the videos in your course and allows you to update all of your video caption files from a single page. You can see which videos do not have captions, see which caption files may have updates or changes available, and pull the caption files into your course from YouTube – all from the utility page.

To access the Bulk Caption utility, select Tools -> Utilities in Studio.


On the Utilities page, mouse over the “Get all captions from YouTube” utility and click “Check Captions.”


The resulting page lists all of the videos in your course and gives you a status of the captions for each video. Depending on how many videos you have in your course, it may take a minute or two for the page to load.

For each video, you will see a general status: “local captions are up to date”, “local captions are out of date but remote captions are available”, or “local captions are out of date but remote captions are unavailable.”

As you mouse over each video in the list, additional details are shown. The Legend on the right side of the page explains each icon.

For any video that has a caption file available on YouTube, you can select those videos in the list, or “Select all” to select all of your course videos, and click “Update” in the upper left corner of the page to pull the caption files for any select videos into your course.

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