Create a Lagunita account

Enrollment in Lagunita courses requires an account to be created. First, make sure you are using a supported browser (Internet Explorer won't work!).

Then, head to the registration page at to create your account. If you have a SUNet ID, please see our help guide on how to create an account with your SUNet ID.


In the registration form, enter the following information:

  1. The full name as you would like to have it appear on Statements of Accomplishment.
  2. A username (all usernames must be unique so if someone has claimed your preferred username, you will need to think of another).
  3. Your active email address (you will be asked to activate your Lagunita account).
  4. A strong password that isn't easily guessed. 

You will also need to agree to our Terms of Service before the account is created.


Usernames are unique account identifiers, meaning the username you choose must not already be in use by any other account at

If you see a message stating that the username already exists, that indicates the username has already been taken by another user. Please try entering a different and unique username. For example, you might try combining your first and last name together, or you could enter your first name followed by a few extra letters or numbers.



If you see a message stating that your password is invalid in some way, please check to make sure that your password meets the following requirements:

  • your password must be 8 characters or more
  • it must contain 1 or more uppercase characters
  • it must contain 1 or more digits

Possible error messages for this are:



If you have already registered this email address with Lagunita, or if you have started the registration process but not yet activated your account, you will see a message stating that the account with the email address in question already exists. 


You can activate your account by clicking on the activation email that was sent to you.

If you have already registered and activated your account, go to the login page at to log in to your existing account.

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