What is a Statement of Accomplishment, and how do I earn one?

After a course has ended, digital Statements of Accomplishment are generated and issued to participants who met the requirements for the course, as specified by the instructor.

In a live course, you will be notified by email when the Statements of Accomplishment for your courses are available, at which point they will be downloadable from your Dashboard page at https://lagunita.stanford.edu/dashboard. In a self-paced course, you will generate your own Statement using a button at the end of the course. If your score in the course meets the requirements, your Statement will appear on your Dashboard page after you click the "Grade Me" button.

Note: Not every course offers a Statement of Accomplishment. Check the FAQ section of the course About page to see whether or not your course will offer one. Also, it is not possible to earn a Statement of Accomplishment in an archived course or courses run by the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Information Included in a Statement of Accomplishment

The Statement of Accomplishment acknowledges that the course was completed with a passing grade by a particular participant.  The following information is what gets displayed on a Statement:

  • The participant's full name (as provided when registering on lagunita.stanford.edu; this is editable from the Dashboard page)
  • The name of the course
  • The name and signature of the instructor(s)
  • The date
  • Stanford Online branding

An example of a Statement of Accomplishment can be seen below:

Please note that a Statement of Accomplishment is not a certificate, and does not stand in the place of a course taken at Stanford or an accredited institution, nor does it confer any academic credit, grade or degree or indicate enrollment at Stanford. 


Requirements for a Statement of Accomplishment can often be found in the Course Info page, the course About page, or the course's syllabus. In some courses, there are different levels of Statements of Accomplishment. For example, a student who earns an 80% might earn a normal Statement of Accomplishment, and a student who earns a 95% might earn a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction. The Progress page of a course will show the various grade thresholds for earning a Statement of Accomplishment.


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