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Earn and download a Statement of Accomplishment

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January 2020: Action You May Need to Take

If the course offers the opportunity to earn a Statement of Accomplishment and you have earned one, congratulations! All Statements of Accomplishment must be downloaded before 12 p.m. Pacific Time, March 31, 2020.

What is a Statement of Accomplishment?

Most courses on Lagunita offer the ability to earn a Statement of Accomplishment, based on one's overall grade in the course. A Statement of Accomplishment acknowledges that a Stanford Online course offered through was completed with a passing grade by a particular participant.  

A Statement of Accomplishment is not a certificate. It does not stand in the place of a course taken at Stanford or an accredited institution, nor does it convey any academic credit, grade or degree, or indicate enrollment at Stanford.

Live versus self-paced

Statements of Accomplishment are issued to anyone who earns a passing score in a live course or self-paced course. In a live course, content and assignments are available to learners on a schedule. In a self-paced course, everything is available when you begin.

Note: Not every course offers a Statement of Accomplishment. It is not possible to earn a Statement of Accomplishment in an archived course or courses run by the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

How to earn a Statement of Accomplishment

Requirements for a Statement of Accomplishment are often found on a course home page, About page, or syllabus. The actual score that is needed to earn one will vary by class. 

      • On a course home page:

      • On a course About page:


A course may contain graded and ungraded assignments. Eligibility for a Statement of Accomplishment is based only on graded assignments. Graded assignments can be identified by a text label with a writing icon that displays beneath graded subsections in the course home page's outline.


Submitting answers to graded assignments in a live or self-paced course - and getting high enough scores - will make one eligible for a Statement of Accomplishment. To track how close you are to earning one, or what else you need to do to earn one, check the Progress page.


The passing grade threshold is indicated to the left of the chart. Each label corresponds to a single assignment, which may consist of multiple pages containing gradable content in that assignment. The last label shows your overall progress in the entire course.

If you see a lower progress bar (or no bar) above an assignment you completed, that suggests one or more questions were overlooked, or the submitted answers were incorrect, so fewer or no points were earned.

Hovering your mouse over a bar provides more information about that assignment. Scrolling down the Progress page provides even greater detail about each assignment in the course.

In some courses, there are different levels of Statements of Accomplishment. For example, a student who earns an 80% might be issued a normal Statement of Accomplishment, whereas a student who earns a 95% might be issued a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction.

The Progress page will show multiple grade thresholds if there are different levels available in your course.

How and when a Statement of Accomplishment is created

In a live, instructor-paced course, there is a specified course end date. After it has ended, digital Statements of Accomplishment are issued to anyone who met the grading requirements, as specified by the instructor.

The instructor or staff notify learners by email when the Statements of Accomplishment for that course have been issued. No new Statements of Accomplishment are issued after this has been done.

In a self-paced course, there typically is no end date. However, given the Lagunita platform is being retired, the last date to self-generate a Statement of Accomplishment is March 26, 2020 at noon Pacific time.

Often the last page in a self-paced course with a Statement of Accomplishment is where one goes to have their course work graded.


Requesting a Statement of Accomplishment

Most self-paced courses have a "Finishing Up" or "Course Completion" section. Within that is usually a page titled something like "Generate Your Statement of Accomplishment". This page contains a "Grade Me" button. When clicked, it checks if you met the requirements for earning a Statement of Accomplishment. 

Note: This process is only available once. Since a Statement of Accomplishment can only be issued once for eligible learners in a course, be sure to check the Progress page before clicking the button.

Before clicking the button, make sure that:

      1. You qualify for a Statement of Accomplishment.
      2. Your full name is written in the Account Settings page the way it should appear on the Statement.

Once sure, click the button to have your course work graded.

This process may take up to twenty minutes.


Downloading a Statement of Accomplishment

If your score meets the course requirements, your Statement will appear on your dashboard page after you click the "Grade Me" button.

You can get to the dashboard by clicking on the arrow beside your username in the upper corner of the page you are on. Select "Dashboard" from the drop-down menu.


On the dashboard, find your course. Below the "View Course" button will be a "Download Statement (PDF)" button if you met the course requirements and a Statement of Accomplishment was issued to you.


Information included on a Statement of Accomplishment

The following information is what may be displayed on a Statement:

      • Your full name (editable from the Account Settings page)
      • The name of the course
      • The name, title, and signature of the instructor(s)
      • The date when the Statement of Accomplishment was issued to you
      • Text about the course or grading requirements (not included on all Statements of Accomplishment)

Example of a Statement of Accomplishment


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