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Access Studio

Studio is the interface you will use to create and edit your course.

The Studio URL for public courses is:

The Studio URL for Stanford-only courses is:

A small "Authentication Required" login window will open when you go to that URL. The login credentials should have been shared in an email sent to you.

(If you need help accessing your courses in Studio, please let us know.)

Once through that authentication, click the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner of the page and sign in with the account you created on You should then see the course in your list of available courses.

You will use Studio to add and edit course content. Content you create is by default unpublished and only viewable in the live course by using the "Preview" button from Studio. When you click "Preview" the same "Authentication Required" login appears and uses the same login as the Studio access.

You can also click the "View Live" button (in the upper right corner) from Studio to see how the live course looks. This is essentially the student view of the course with some additional Instructor facing tools that student users will not see. You will only see content that has been published in Studio in this view of the course.

To read more about publishing in Studio, see the OpenEdX documentation on Controlling Content Visibility and Access.

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