Lagunita is retiring and will shut down at 12 noon Pacific Time on March 31, 2020. We will continue to offer courses on other online learning platforms; visit

Link my Lagunita account with a SUNet ID

All open courses end at 12 noon Pacific Time on March 26, 2020. See Lagunita Platform FAQs.

Some former Lagunita courses are now open for enrollment on edX: Stanford Online launches courses on edX.
Additional courses offered on other online learning platforms are available at

(Effective mid-November 2017)

Link my SUNet ID when signing in

Only official Stanford affiliates with SUNet credentials can login to Lagunita with a SUNet ID. If you have a SUNet ID, you can link your Lagunita account with your SUNet account when signing in on Lagunita by clicking on the SUNet button found on the Sign In pages.

Sign In page:


After clicking on the SUNet button, you will be redirected to the Stanford University WebLogin page. Enter your SUNet ID and password and click "Login". This will sign you in to your SUNet account on the Lagunita site.


If you successfully logged into SUNet, you will see the message below if you are not already logged in to Lagunita. Fill in your email and password to complete the process. Click on "Sign in". 


Once you have successfully signed in, your accounts will be linked!

Link Your Account in Account Settings

Another way to link your account is from the Account Settings page, if you are already signed in.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to your username and click on "Account". On this page, click the "Linked Accounts" tab. 


Click the "Link Your Account" button under where it says "SUNet". 

This will redirect to the Stanford University WebLogin page. After entering your SUNet credentials, your accounts will be linked, and you will be able to sign in via WebLogin in the future.

Unlink Your Accounts

To unlink your accounts, return to this page. Beneath "SUNet", it will now say, "Unlink This Account". Click that link and you'll be back to being able to sign in with your original email and password.


Re-link Your Accounts After Previously Unlinking Them

If you wish to re-link your accounts in the future after unlinking them, you can do so by following the steps above. 


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