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Upload External Grades to Open edX

To import grades from a CSV file to Open edX, follow the steps below.

  1. In Studio, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > LTI Passports 
  2. Enter a made-up ID with a unique key and secret (it will look something like this: 
  3. Go to the Course Outline in Studio (Course > Outline)
  4. Create a new unit
  5. Add the LTI component from the "Advanced" component set in the unit
  6. Click to edit
  7. For the settings:
    • Accept grades past deadline: You can leave this as "True" since you will be uploading grades
    • Leave blank:
      • Additional instruction text for component
      • Button Text
      • Custom Parameters
    • Display Name: It is up to you if you want to add a display name. What you choose here is what appears in the drop-down menu in Instructor > Student Admin > "Select Assignment"
    • Hide External Tool: Set  this to "True"
    • LTI Application Information: Leave blank
    • LTI ID: Enter the ID you made up in step 2 (from my example above, that would be midterm)
    • LTI URL: Leave as is
    • Open in New Page: Leave as is
    • Post-script to component title: Leave as is 
    • Request user's email: Leave this as "False"
    • Request user's username: Leave this as "False"
    • Scored: Change this to "True"
    • String label for grader feedback: Leave as is
    • Weight: Default is 1, but you can change this to be a number of points the assignment has
  8. Save and publish your changes. If you don't want this to be displayed to participants, you can click on the "Hide from students" box to the right of the unit, but be sure to uncheck that box when you are ready to upload grades.
  9. Set the subsection this assignment is part of as a graded assignment. Set up the Grading page to account for it, and then apply the assignment name to the subsection in the Course Outline by clicking on the gear icon and selecting it from the "Grade as" list.
  10. When you're ready to submit grades, you can go to this unit to verify which LTI ID you're using, and match it to the key and secret you created in the Advanced Settings' LTI Passport field
  11. Go to Instructor > Student Admin > scroll to the "Submit External Grades" section
  12. Download the blank grade submission CSV
  13. Enter a max grade in column E (this should be the same for everyone)
  14. Enter the grade someone earned in column D (this should be equal to or less than what was specified as the max grade in column E)
  15. Add comments/feedback to column F, if needed
  16. Save your file
  17. In the Student Admin page, select the item that matches the display name you gave the LTI component
  18. Enter the key and secret you created
  19. Click to upload the file you just saved your grades in
  20. It will sometimes take a while to finish uploading all of them, but when it's done, you'll see under the "Success" section text in green like "Grade post successful: user id 3 (email:". Any participant whose grade field was left blank or whose grade wasn't successfully uploaded to their account will be in red.

If the grades do not successfully upload, we would recommend checking the items below:

  • If the unit is hidden from participants (cannot be hidden from participants)
  • If the subsection and section are already released and publicly visible
  • If the key and secret are correctly entered
  • If the subsection is marked as a graded assignment
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